Last summers my parents came to visit me from Saudi Arabia. They brought dates for me, which was surely a generous amount. Despite using them the whole year, there were some left over, and were thus utilized this Ramadan.

That said, the dates had turned rather dry, so I decided to employ the soak and rinse method to bring them back to life. At the end, the ones that turned too soft went into my Date Truffles!


  • Pitted dates of any soft kind 2cups
  • Marie biscuits 1pack
  • Pistachio crushed 1/4 cup
  • Coconut shredded 1 cup approx

Take the first three items and blend them in a food processor. I used the pulse action and first did the dates, and then added the biscuit and pistachio. Make sure that the doughy type mix is sticky but can hold a round ball shape. If not, add more biscuits.

I made small sized balls and dropped them in a bow with shredded coconut. Rolled them around and set them in tiny cupcake liner. (I found these for a 1$ in Dollarama)

I made about 3 dozen from this batter.

If you consume them within the day, they are still gooey soft. However, mine kept well until they ran out on the 7th day. They had slightly stiffened on the outside, but the inside was still amazing!

I plan to make them again with almonds as well, so that’s another flavor option!

Let me know if you try these ☺️


  1. I just hade dates with crushed almonds on top last night, but what you have suggested and done here, sounds amazing! Definitely going to try!!

    1. Author

      Glad you liked the idea :).

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