The first time I actually started decorating for Ramadan was when I moved to Canada. I wanted to bring all the colors and lights that I saw growing up to celebrate Ramadan, to my home and children . To share my decor journey; here is the ultimate guide to modern Islamic Ramadan Decor. And yes! I share where I got each item from.

1. Ramadan Kareem Sign

While many Ramadan Mubaruk and Ramadan Kareem signs are available in the market today, 8 years back I actually wanted to make something myself. A unique piece for my home, as you would say.

Ramadan Kareem

I picked up these Alphabets and Golden sharpies from Michael’s . It was a wonderful activity with the girls while we decorated the alphabets with Arabic and Asian culture inspired doodles. Have a closer look…

Sharpie Doodling

These block came painted. However, you can easily spray paint them to a color of your choice, if the need be to match a specific color scheme.

Another closer look

2. Eid Countdown

I was excited to find this Eid Countdown in Party City and immediately picked it up. No complaints here for it being blue! It went well with my previous decor.

You can get it here.

Countdown to Eid

3. Ramadan Decor String Lights

I was always looking for string lights which would go with the decor and theme.

I picked the Golden ball one from Dollarama a few years back…

String lights on my fireplace decor

I have had the Golden one from Dollarama for a long time. Sorry guys no link for that. You will need to make the trip to check a local Dollarama store.

The lantern one is actually new and is my favorite! Have a look at how cute it is..

Lights up close

The design differs on each alternate light on this Lantern string light. And you will not believe where I found it. From SHEIN. Here is a link for you to get one for yourself.

4. Ramadan Decor Cushion Covers

I had been searching for cushion covers which are vibrant in color and would tie the decor of my living room with my Ramadan decorated fireplace. I found these vibrant colored ones also on SHEIN and wow they are great quality and work pretty well with the inserts I already have. Have a look:

You can find them here:

Geometric full print Cushion Cover

Crescent moon Cushion Cover

Ramadan Kareem Text Cushion Cover

5. Coffee table decor

My coffee table is a mix of random items which could find another place but somehow their cluttered setting is appealing at the moment for me. Have a look..

Coffee table decor

The Moon and Star tray is another great purchase from Party City. The glass beaded tasbeeh on top is a purchase from a local souk in Saudi.

The Turkish hand painted bowl is another new addition and is beautiful as both decor and for serving. I got it from Homesense recently. Unfortunately no link for that.

6. Lanterns

I absolutely love lanterns. The more ethnic they are, the more I love them. I have them in almost all sizes. However I don’t have direct links for them as I’ve purchased them in Saudi and Canada over time. Only thing I can suggest is that keep an eye open for them in Dollarama and Homesense. The small colored ones are from Dollarama and one of the big ones is from Homesense and another from a souk in Saudi.

7. Front door Ramadan Decor Hanging

I had made a Ramadan Wreath long time back but this year I decided to change things a bit and picked this sign from Party City as well. You can find it here.

Front door sign

8. Foyer Ramadan Piece

Also I’m sharing with you an intricate cut stand up piece that I got from SHEIN for my entrance table. This is still to be painted and will have a light behind it. You can find it here.

Decor piece

In my opinion Ramadan decor has to do more with your association with different times in your life when you experienced Ramadan, than to create one homogeneous color pallet. Build your collection and cherish each piece that you collect. This is my take on modern Islamic Ramadan decor.

What do you think?

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