Yay! Its Ramadan! Time to eat all the fun stuff!

Ramadan Weight Dilemma Β  As we approach the mid of this holy month, many of us have settled into the practice of celebrating at Iftar time with our South Asian Ramadan specilaties like pakoras, samosa, dahi bhalae …. yum! While these delicious items are surely a treat, eating them everyday soon leads to not just a feeling of bloating, but you will even see the pounds piling on ( oh no!) Keeping my hate-love relation with weight in mind, I decided to make some changes for the Iftar and Suhoor, leading to no weight gain, but rather a healthy weight loss.

So what should you have for Iftari?

  • Start your IftarΒ with a Date of course! However, each piece is rich in sugar. Try to restrain yourself to just one. Taking too many will lead to excess sugar intake, leading you to feel sluggish and thus make you think that you need to eat more.
  • Follow it up with a healthy soup. NO store packet ones please! I made a batch of ‘Hariri’ soup which lasted us for a few days. Following that I made ‘Hot & Sour’ soup. I will soon be posting their recipes, so do follow the blog to keep updated. The soup not only fills you up quickly, but also gives you the nice dose of proteins that you need to recoup on from your day of fasting.
  • For sides, there is no harm to have our traditional fruit chat to serve as the helping of fruit.
  • If you have an air fryer, then make only one piece per person of aΒ samosa.Β Β For people like me, I rely on my traditional oven to do the trick. Still, we do this every other day. Don’t have it everyday as it’s all carbohydrates.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated. Pace yourself to drink at least 2 glasses of water at iftar. 2 for Suhoor, and at least a few in between the two eating times.

Ramadan Weight Dilemma

But what about Sehri / Suhoor?

While it is tempting and most healthy to shift to eating porridge and/or granola at Sehri, for my family, I still rely on our good old school parathaΒ to get by the Canadian Roza of 18 hours. I use whole wheat Atta and made the paratha with minimal oil. Serving it with egg and honey makes it a light option. This healthy dose of carb makes it easier to get through the fasting and not feeling bloated or hungry. Many people believe that to lose weight carbohydrates should be completely removed from diet. While this may seem smart, it’s not very sustainable. Good carbohydrates actually serve as power food to keep a person going.

What is the result?

Overall, by following this eating regime, I have been able to lose a couple of pounds each week. According to Calorie SecretsΒ , 2 pounds a week is a healthy weight to lose. This ensures that there is minimal risk of the weight coming back.

Eyes on the prize!

Look at it this way… this disciplined eating not only teaches you healthy habits, but will also detox your body of all the junk we put in. Plus, come Eid, you will be rocking that outfit with no guilt. So..what have you been eating?

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  1. AA.enjoyed your Ramadan posting.
    I had moved to US after marriage.then few years in Pakistan and Kuwait and back to CA.
    So can relate to your life.
    Would love to connect and talk some time.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the comment! for sure, do you blog as well?

  2. That’s great that you’re instilling healthy habits even during fasting!

    1. Author

      Yes! I realized that the ‘feasting’ we do daily is more damage than good! Thank you for your appreciation.

    1. Author

      Am glad you liked it πŸ™‚

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