Financial freedom does not always come from winning the lottery or getting huge inheritance. Rather, making smart choices is what gives everyone the opportunity to build towards their financial freedom and success.

One such way is to be a smart shopper. Purchasing online does not always needs to be expensive. Nor do you need to look for promo codes and sales all the time.

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is an online coupon website, which also gives you cashback. No need to buy any membership, or to get any credit card.

You simply start by signing up on the website.


Once signed up, you can look for brands of your choice, and see what discount is being offered. You will also see how much cashback is being offered on a specific brand. For example, at the time of publishing this post, this was the cashback for this brand:

Once you click on the ‘Shop now’ button, you will be taken to a page which says that you are on your way to the website of your choice shop. Anything you will purchase through this link, will be subject to a cashback.

Once you check-out, your cashback is added to your account after a few days. You will have the choice to either receive a cheque or transfer to your paypal, when the payout time comes.

I have easily received $100s when I do school shopping and also when there are multiple sales that I discover through Rakuten.

Do support my quest to help you by using my referral link to sign up! It gives you and me free $ when you make the first purchase. The link is Rakuten- Cashback signup.

Let me know if you already use Rakuten? Or will you be using it now?

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