Calgary Education Board is considered one of the best in Canada, and here are 4 reasons why we opted for TLC School System in Calgary.

TLC stands for Traditional Learning Centre, and is a charter school under the Calgary Education Board. It is a system which is significantly different than the Public Schools in Calgary. If you would like to read what the Education Board has to say, you can read it here.

Today I am not going to explain what is TLC, as you can get that information on their website. Rather, I am talking about the reasons why we opted for TLC School System.

Reason 1: We wanted Uniform for our children.

This may seem weird to many, as we grew up watching western shows with children wearing clothes of their choice in school. I agree, that was a huge fascination while I was growing up. That said, I also realize that uniform plays a key role in:

  1. Building a sense of alliance and pride in the uniform.
  2. No hassle of deciding what to wear everyday.
  3. A clean and disciplined look, which sets the mind to perform accordingly.
  4. No comparison with peers in terms of clothes and sense of lacking.

While many may disagree with the above narrative, I decided to take this option, when available. It indeed has built a pride among my children when they get ready for school.

Reason 2: We wanted Homework and Tests for our children.

Having a deadline to complete tasks, and an accountability to perform well in tests, creates learning skills which are invaluable at higher level of education.

As I see it, our communities are built on values and discipline, so as to ensure a society which can successed. The starting point is always to have written directions and then the process of implementation. Without discipline, a society fails.

Similarly, wanting my children to complete homework and tests, is more than acquiring book knowledge. It is my desire that they grow up to be positive contributing members of the society.

Reason 3: Respect and Discipline.

The value of ‘respect for self, others, and the environment’, is one of the core values of a TLC system.

The school focuses on this value through learning objectives, projects and character building. I have noticed many times, that my children will recall concepts, as taught in class, which were beyond text-book learning. The initiative to take time by a teacher, to build character of the students, is indeed a commendable aspect of TLC.


I am always amazed at how the TLC program invites students of all faith and backgrounds to make presentations and celebrate their diversity.

My children have always dressed in their Eid clothes, and taken peanut-free snacks to school. This concept encourages not just the sense of belonging to a child, but also, teaches kids from a young age about their peers. This is an amazing way of building acceptance of others, and encouraging integration.

Bonus: Uniform for All.

Many parents may be surprised to know, that teachers and even the Principal, wear the uniform. They of course have the choice to wear regular clothes on regualr days. However, in Assemblies, Concerts and Presentations, the staff wears the uniform.

I have observed that children actually feel more included, and take pride in belonging to the TLC, due to this simple act.

Overall, we as parents have enjoyed the concept of TLC school for our children. Do let me know if you agree with the 4 reasons why we opted for TLC School System in Calgary.

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