Seems like another lifetime ago, I indulged in nail art. It ranged from classy stamped patterns from Konad, or funky crazy prints that haphazardly come together. Whatever the reason be, it created happiness with just a glance at my tips. Here are some of my past year nails just being recalled for nail envy purposes. Enjoy 🙂

1374043_10151872283545630_1229974864_n 561619_10151235095285630_276303151_n 598782_10151230867310630_1641006360_n 298555_10151226528715630_811921822_n 532316_10151079132300630_959136778_n 532754_10150988169850630_1071047124_n 303751_10150415147680630_717224016_n 247215_10150274758175630_75078_n 39429_10150109511945630_8109621_n 47585_10150106415705630_8040720_n 163047_10150101411620630_6527689_n 154864_10150101411585630_8310572_n 67848_10150101411560630_179354_n

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