After we bought an iRobot Vacuum, we were not really looking for a robot mop. However, once winter rolled in, we as a family had our bi-annual goal-setting, and one of the tasks that everyone did not want to take-on everyday, was mopping! My husband immediately jumped in with the idea of getting the robotic version of the mop! After having it for 3 weeks, I am comfortable to write this review of the Ultimate Robot Mop: iRobot Braava Jet M6.

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Review of the Ultimate Robot Mop

How Does the Ultimate Robot Mop work?

You start by filling the robot mop with water and the special cleaning liquid, as per the provided instructions. Also, you can attach either a dry mopping or wet mopping cloth for cleaning (sold separately).

Once it starts, the robot mop will work in straight lines to spray the cleaning liquid and mop the area. Then, it moves to the next section.

Focus on Precision rather than Speed.

Usually when this robotic mop has made an appearance on my Instagram stories, I do get a couple of DMs with comments to the effect; ‘This is too slow’, ‘I would rather get up and mop myself than wait for this to finish moping’ and so on.

So people, I will assure you right now, that this robotic mop is indeed NOT as fast a human. However, it is precise and focused on a daily basis. That means, you get everyday the same quality of cleaning.

Detects areas which require work.

The built-in sensors can detect any area which needs more work. The robot mop will work quickly on areas which are clean, and spend more time cleaning areas which require more cleaning.

Plus, what I absolutely loved, is that it knows not to go over carpets and mats. This ensures that such areas don’t get wet.

Works silently.

The mop works quietly, and once done, will make its way back to its docking/charging station. On our main floor, it spends an average of 30-40 minutes cleaning. This time seams decent to me, as it mops under tables and sofas and goes over the same area a few times.

Once this robot mop is done, you come back to a DRY clean floor. No streaking or wet spots.

Would we keep it?

YES! We all have absolutely fallen in love with it!

We can start it from the app, and know that even if we are heading to bed, or going out, or even just doing office work; this robot mop will clean the area without issue.


  • The first day, we actually ended up adding too much of the cleaning fluid. The result was streaked floor. However, after reading reviews online, we learned to lessen the cleaning fluid and the streaking on the floor stopped.
  • Ensure that you wash the cleaning pads by hand. It has a chip in it, which may get damaged in your washing machine.
  • Always have the floor vacuumed, so as to avoid big sized garbage getting stuck in the robot mop.

Let me know if you decide to buy the Ultimate Robot Mop: iRobot Braava Jet M6

This post is completely based on my experience and is NOT sponsored by iRobot. 

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