I tried it… I really did!

The first time around I tried to save all art and craft that my first born made! This was pre-Pinterest age, so I had to actually use my own damaghΒ to come up with creative solution… or in other words I invested in a box for keeping all the stuff 😜

Fast forward to living in Kanada-land and being a member of Costco, I came across this nifty lil book! Yes yes I have Pinterest now.. but waqaiΒ it’s too much work! (Forgive me Pinterest! )

Perfect solution!

I quickly picked two ( too late to now to start for the first born)…

It gives the perfect hint on what to include and made it easy to throw away all those extra worksheets.. honestly who was I joking? I’m not my Mama who would make my kids re-do all homework! (Love you Mom!)


Perfect prompts to get the book going..

Perfect prompts to add pictures and information makes this book perfect for a mom like me!



Starts from Preschool age…

Plus it doesn’t hurt that the colors are so apt for girls! I did see one in blue for the Boy-mummy’s!



Colors are Vibrant! Making up for my lack of effort πŸ˜‰


The book starts from preschool and goes all the way up to grade 12!!

…going all the way up to High School end!

What is splendid that there is a place to post class picture! I don’t know how many more we could have mounted on the wall!

will be attaching all class photos here..

Last by for sure the best part… drum roll please… the pockets to keep all the must-keep art pieces and odd papers over the years!!

So many pockets to stash away memories.

Oh Costco… let this post be Ode to one of many wonders I find in you… and the many $$$ that I have parted with.. much to the sorrow of my hubby 😜.

Tell me readers… did you get crafty with your kids school art? Or picked up something similar?

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