Recently I have ventured into the land of baked bread, with forbidden tastes accompanied by calories one too many. No matter what may be said, the best carb is always the most sating comfort food.

My little adventure began actually with a weird motive. At one end, I hadΒ a deadline to meet, yet, my inner foodie begged me to try a recipe that I had seen ages ago on a Facebook group. The recipe was for a Chicken Bread. Now, one would say, why this craving?

My college days were spent in Lahore, where one of the trends in late 1990’s was attending ‘High teas’ and bakeries selling Puff pastries, sandwiches, and of course, the Rahat Bakery Chicken bread. A visit to anyones place would have this treasured bread on the serving trolley, accompanied with the Chilli Garlic sauce. Ah! Chat Patta Heaven. Now for readers who don’t know ‘Chat Patta‘, my only attempt to explain this taste is; Β its a combination of sweet, sour, finger licking tangy flavours that leaves an aftertaste on your tongue, so that you go smack your lips in delight. Which of course can be followed by a few sounds of ‘ssssss‘ if its overly spicy.


Now this chicken bread is not of the same demand here in Calgary, where I have yet to find it in bakeries. This lead me to a chase, which landed me to a website/food blog called Fauzia’s Kitchen FunΒ . The recipe I followed for the Chicken Bread wasΒ Β simple and straight forward. I only tweaked here and there, like using milk instead of water for kneading the dough. Plus, my filling was more italian in taste with Red Capsicum, Parmesan Cheese, Chicken, Italian Spices and Cheddar Cheese. The result was a soft well cooked bread which was a winner at the first try!

My next adventure was to cook a traditional bread, which back in Pakistan, is bought from a Tandoor (a stone oven bread shop) . The curryΒ that I had cooked called for something more regal than regularΒ chapatiΒ (thin round bread similar to Tortillas). So on I jumped to Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun, and behold found an easy peasy pan cooked recipe for Naan. The Naan bread is made of all purpose flour, and uses yeast and yoghurt to make it soft. My attempt turned out 5 good sized Naan, which were soft and aptly thick, thus lending the extra touch to the meal I served. Let me tell you, it did gave my hubby ideas that IΒ should cook this Naan for all upcoming dinners myself. Rest assured, the idea was laid to rest in very subtle way by me πŸ˜‰ .


So readers, now you know, my secret ingredient is the luck of stumbling across the fabulous Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun. Her fun has surely lent us all to acquireΒ funΒ (an urdu term for talent) of our own!


  1. That chicken bread looks amazing! Not just a side, or element, but an entire meal in itself.

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