I must admit, I am not a tech-savy person. I am also usually late to the party when people are already raving about a new technology. If you have read my post on Which Instant Pot should you buy , you can tell I take my sweet time in welcoming a new trend in my life. This was the same when it came time for me to decide if we needed a Roomba iRobot Vacuum. You see, when my husband bought the vacuum last year, I cribbed and complained and made him get rid of it. However, we soon realized that this little guy did more than we gave it credit for. So fast forward, we actually went back and bought a Roomba again! So that is what I will be talking about; ‘Should you buy a Roomba?’

Let me help you decide.

Should you buy a Roomba?

I want to talk about this from different aspects. Read on to know them.

New to North America?

If you are new in North America, and are coming from a similar background like mine, then ‘Yes’ for sure!

I grew up in Middle East and South East Asia, where the economic setup is such that we always have someone who can help us on a daily basis to sweep and clean the house. Its a system that has worked for generations and in a way that supports all income levels. No forced labor is involved, but life runs as per the norm. Rather, its a beautiful dynamics of extended family formation.

Moving to North America is not only a social adjustment, but also a domestic role adjustment as well! Suddenly cooking and cleaning is very different, as no help may be readily available. In such case, having help in a robot doing the vacuum takes one task off your shoulder!

Working/Studying full time?

If you work full time and always scrambling to juggle home and work, then a robot vacuum will be a big help. If you know that something will do the vacuum, you will force yourself to get up and put things in order for it to run.

On a regular day, as soon as everyone is done breakfast, we clear the counters and table and turn the vacuum on. This ensures that once we all return from work/school, the floor will be clean.

In our household, we have an open floor plan, and having a robot cleaning ensures that every area on our main floor gets vacuumed. This robot cleans our kitchen, dinning area, living area, entrance, pantry and guest bathroom. It goes under sofas and tables, that we would usually ignore on our quick sweep tasks.

Focus on other tasks.

I have learned to schedule myself to cook and clean-out the sink, before starting the Roomba. In a way, I know that once I have turned on this robot, I am free to go and shower and change. Or, even reward myself with a cup of my favorite cappuccino.

Keep in mind, that you are not buying a robotic vacuum to quicken the process. Because I will tell you right now that it is not a quicker way at all! Instead, focus on how this one task will be taken care of everyday, with focus on deep-cleaning, without you having to do it manually.

Get Deep-Cleaning done every time!

With the Roomba that we own, I know that its 3-Stage Cleaning system loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt, dust, and hair from hard floors and carpet. This is a blessing as I don’t have to worry that my floor will be damaged or it won’t work on the carpet.

Also, the Roomba has sensors which intelligently navigate the robot under and around objects and under furniture to help thoroughly clean your floors. Roomba automatically adjusts to clean carpets, rugs, tile, hardwood, and laminate floors as it moves through your home.

What is always interesting to see that its Edge-Sweeping Brush is specially designed at a 27-degree angle to sweep debris away from edges and corners. So you know that every corner will be cleaned.

Know the ‘Limitations’

While having the Roomba is helpful, you should also be aware of certain limitations:

  1. You will need to adjust the way you get the cleaning done. This means, you will need to learn to remove all chairs and stools, so that the robot can do the cleaning in hard to reach spaces.
  2. Fold and pick up loose items like rugs and mats, so that the robot can work seamlessly.
  3. The robot is designed for cleaning a regular home. If you are like me, who is a Desi with 3 kids, you need to either run this robot twice a day, or simply take the effort to pick up bigger mess after you.
  4. Do not throw garbage on the floor once the Roomba has worked an area. It works on sensors and does not have eyes to see you adding something to the floor.
  5. Ensure that there is no liquid on the floor where the Roomba is to operate, to avoid clogging the machine.
  6. Remember it is a machine, a small one, at that. So make sure to regularly to clean out the filter and garbage holder, if you have a manual version of this robot.

NOW the big question; WHICH Roomba to buy?

Well in all honesty, all the Roomba models are a vacuum and you can pick and choose based on the bells and whistles you want to add. If you visit the Roomba website, it has given detailed description on which Roomba would work for your website.

We for one, went for the 600 series, as we were looking for a basic model and wanted one which is good for the hardwood floor. If you want one specific for homes with pets, or self-emptying, look at the long range offered by them.

Let me know if this information helped you decide if a Roomba is for you?

Disclaimer: I have linked the Roomba that we have on Amazon.ca. If you purchase the machine from my link within 24 hours of reading this article, I earn a tiny commission for referral, at no cost to you.

This post is completely based on my experience and is NOT sponsored by Roomba or Amazon.

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