I recall my college days, when I was the lanky 16 years old, with bushy eyebrows and owned my prized strawberry lip gloss. Those who grew up in Saudi Arabia would recall the thin glass tubes filled with artificially colored and flavored castor oil. Ah! Memories.




So, my college years is a collection of pictures with me flaunting dark circles and shallow complexion. Being blessed with yellow skin tone, any product I would even try, would akin me to a Geisha wannabe. No amount of products I would buy would transform me, with no fault mostly of the products, but rather my lack of knowledge of what secret potions to apply to beautify myself.

After leaving the study years behind, I continued to being a Product-junkie, but also undertook the task of learning the tricks of the makeup Gurus. Internet, reality TVΒ shows, and magazines were great to get me started. Trips to bookstores would reward me with how-to books on tips and techniques. But in all honesty, the real breakthrough came with Youtube tutorials and Blogging gurus!

Here is a list of the BEST tricks I learned for perfect skin at all times:

1. Start with a clean canvas.

Yes Yes, many people tell you and you do use soap and water in the morning. However, how regularly do you exfoliate? Is cleaning and toning in the practice at all? What about an age appropriate treatment?

A good idea is to set two days a week, either morning or evening, when you will exfoliate. Investing in an automated face brush does wonders. I especially like the ProX from Oil of Ulay, which comes with a dermabrasion cleanser. Handy and water safe, even for use in shower. On the other hand, a handheld brush, like the one in Bodyshop is also good. If you can’t find any of the suggested, then look for similar brushes in other brands. These are the two I have tried, and can vouch for results.Just remember, your skin is delicate, do clean it, don’t wash it like its a carpet. Be gentle and precise.

If brush is not your thing, then buying the Apricot face scrubs, available everywhere, is a good investment. Home remidies are the cheap and effective alternatives. Try using a little sugar with glycerin to do the scrubbing.

2. Moisturize and Sun Protection!

Many ladies skip putting on a good lotion in their beauty routine. You don’t necessarily need to splurge on Clarins and other high end brands. My all time favorite is Oil of Ulay moisturizing lotion. Its basic,and keeps my skin soft. I like to follow this withΒ at least SPF30. Shop around and see which brand sunscreen suits you. Some are more oily then the other. I recently found the sunscreen from Equate, which is both economical and non-oily. Do not assume that since you are home, or in the car, you do not need sunscreen.

3. Primer

I discovered primers via a small sample sachet from Sephora. However, once I started using it, I was hooked. It goes on like water and your foundation literally glides on top of it! If you don’t believe me, just drop by Sephora and ask for a sample sachet. I have used the primer without any outbreaks of oiliness. Say bye bye to caky and uneven foundation.


So ladies, just investing in these three key steps, your skin can go onto be both smooth and have an airbrushed look to it!

Do you do the suggested steps? Is there anything else you must do for perfecting the canvas?

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