Summer in Calgary is always gorgeous! The only time I don’t miss Lahore is actually summer ;). Its green and sunny! In a way, mother-nature is being nice to us before the dreaded winter!

With 3 kids, I try to mix and match a couple of self-planned activities, and what Calgary has to offer, to make this summer enjoyable for the kids and us parents.

Arts Classes for all ages

For my eldest, who loves Art, like all summers, I have enrolled her in the City of Calgary Arts program. There are two Arts Centers in Calgary;North Mount Pleasant (NW) and Wildflower Arts Centre (SW). Β Check the City of Calgary online catalogue to see what courses are being offered.

These Art Centers offer classes for all ages, and run with different time frames. We picked ‘Focus on Drawing’ and have a class everyday for 9 days. The price includes all the supplies, and is 3 hours long each day. It works out perfectly for my 11 year old’s aptitude to learning. You can register online or call in for easy enrollment.


For the 3rd year in a row, Michaels has been a key favourite for Arts and Craft classes for all my kids. The price is low (under 5$) for a two-hour session. These fill up really fast! So hurry to your nearest Michael’s for enrolling your kid. This class is always a hit with my twins, who started these when they were Β 5 years old.

Vivo Recreation Centre

For families living in NW, Vivo is always the first (sometimes the only) choice for camps of swimming, skating and so on. In the summer, they offer more than the physical programs. We have decided to go for the ‘Leadership for Youth’ program this year, as it offers the opportunity to learn the skills and experience of taking responsibility first hand. This is offered for older kids, so yes only my 11 year old is enrolled in it.

Home Depot

Now this Β is a new one for our family, though I have always seen the information of the workshops offered by Home Depot. Maybe the reason I didn’t pay attention so much, was that I assumed that my girls will not like it. Surprises of all surprise, when my eldest informed me that she loved ‘Carpenter’ class in school and wants it as elective next year in grade 7. That did make me take notice of Home Depot! The best part.. they are free! Plus you can easily register online! The craft changes every class, and it is designed to be ‘child-friendly/doable’. I will surely update on how that goes!


Well here is a round up of few Summer class options. I will write another update when I come across more ideas.



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