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Irrelevant of my childhood spent outside Pakistan, a key entertainment was whenΒ Baba Jaan would bring home VHS series of latest Pakistani TV dramas. The lone telecaster; Pakistan Television (PTV), was the platform which introduced me toΒ characters like;Β Kabacha, Zoya, Jahan Ara BegamΒ and of courseΒ Alif Noon!Β  Fast forward to 2017, Television has come a long way. No doubt there is no lack of channels and shows that are aired in abundance. Some are just time fillers, some are remarkable. Yet for me the old is still gold. Let me tell you myΒ bachpaan -hood fascination with my favorite urdu shows. 1. Tanhaiyaan Be it the reason that itRead More →

Spoiler Alert: This is a post-movieΒ review, which may not be an ideal read for someone waiting to watch the movie. Still, if you seek an opinion before watching the film, read on. Finally, I was able to acquire the most prestigious ticket to watch the much awaitedΒ movie ‘Dangal’, released in December 2016, staring the admiral Sir Aamir Khan! Reason for calling the ticket so prestigious was, that despite being released almost two weeks ago, I couldn’t find a seat where I wouldn’t have to crank my neck and come out of the theater needing Physio. Going into the movie, I had some expectations, which wereRead More →

  Oh wow.. what a rollercoaster relationship I have had with my weight. Sometimes I am above 100kg, and some decades ago I was hardly 45 kg! That said, this love-hate relationship with my weighing machine and advancing age has given me experiences to create specific tips that have worked for me. These tips are completely my laymanΒ totkas which may not always harbor on any scientific facts! Disclaimer: I am a 30 something woman with kids who loves to eat. I will eat to celebrate. I will eat to mourn. I will eat out of boredom… I will eat. Non-stop. Just because I love foodRead More →

  Among the many projects I have undertook during my life, this was one quirky yet effective one. So much so, that it got featured in the leading english newspaper in Saudi Arabia. Read on what the writer, Afifa Jabeen QuraishiΒ , had to say about my little escapade! Click here to go to the original post. Second-hand bookstores in KSA can enhance firsthand love for readingΒ  JEDDAH: AFIFA JABEEN QURAISHIΒ |Β Published β€”Β Tuesday 19 March 2013 Almost nonexistent stores for old books and very few avenues to sell and buy used books leave book lovers in the Kingdom unsatiated. Qurratulain Sikander, a thirty something mother of threeRead More →

Thinking about making the dreaded ‘Will’ automatically means to acknowledge the reality of death. Despite all of our religious faith’s acceptance of the finality of death, few of us think beyond what to do tomorrow. I will be honest with you. Growing up in Saudi Arabia, and vacationing in Pakistan, making of a Will was least heard of, let alone, would be considered rather rude. Despite my parents living abroad, the talk about death, and what it would it mean for my family, kind of skipped the table talk. After getting married, and spending a wonderful decade in Saudi Arabia with our 3 little daughters,Read More →

UPDATE: When I wrote the below post, I was trying to put my own twist on a basic recipe that I knew. Since my readership has grown, my fine readers have enlightened me that the one below is very similar to Mutabaal, an authentic Syrian recipe. I however, have since updated my recipe.. so will continue to Call this for me the same name ( You can’t teach an old horse new tricks πŸ˜‰ ). But I have thankfully learned so much for you all! Read on to the original post: ———————————— The first time I tried this dish, I was young and foolish, andRead More →

One click shared of a cute kid holding a teddy, and suddenly 1K plus likes and shares happen. An article discussing ignoring kids is shared a thousand times, while a link protesting Child labour is made globally live for a petition. While, I too am prone to the cuteness of the little beings, I fail to understand, as to why the same people feel it a right to joke, harass and demean the elders, who are akin to a baby in their helplessness. What they lack in cuteness is shown in their wrinkled faces which have seen many hardships, their bent bodies have labored toRead More →