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Do you know about Subscription Boxes? Nowadays, a subscription box is all the rage. You can find a box for kids, for women and even now or men! The ones for kids range from being International Adventure themed, or even Language based. Pretty cute idea. Same goes for grown ups. For women I have seen subscription boxes for beauty, healthy life style and more! They all have one thing in common… you need to pay to get them! These boxes would contain a variety of items pre-selected by someone from the company, for you to try.Read More →

Spoiler Alert: This is a post-movieΒ review, which may not be an ideal read for someone waiting to watch the movie. Still, if you seek an opinion before watching the film, read on. Finally, I was able to acquire the most prestigious ticket to watch the much awaitedΒ movie ‘Dangal’, released in December 2016, staring the admiral Sir Aamir Khan! Reason for calling the ticket so prestigious was, that despite being released almost two weeks ago, I couldn’t find a seat where I wouldn’t have to crank my neck and come out of the theater needing Physio. Going into the movie, I had some expectations, which wereRead More →