Recently I have ventured into the land of baked bread, with forbidden tastes accompanied by calories one too many. No matter what may be said, the best carb is always the most sating comfort food. My little adventure began actually with a weird motive. At one end, I had a deadline to meet, yet, my inner foodie begged me to try a recipe that I had seen ages ago on a Facebook group. The recipe was for a Chicken Bread. Now, one would say, why this craving? My college days were spent in Lahore, where one of the trends in late 1990’s was attending ‘High teas’Read More →

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” C. S. Lewis One would imagine that when the International Franchisee of the ‘ xyz Idol’ series comes to Pakistan, it would be another stunt of showcasing outspoken judges, with so called larger than life personalities, acting their best to belittle the contests who would travel from near and far to get their two minutes of fames on reality TV. One such story is of 18 years old Maria Meer, a simple being from Faisalabad, who wants to be a singer. Her Audition in the Pakistan Idol was a live performance of an Indian hit; ‘SunRead More →