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I am so excited to have recorded my first public Podcast.

I know, I have much to learn about this form of media. That said, I still enjoyed recording it.

Please hop to the link below and listen to the Podcast on the topic of ‘Acne’. You can actually just listen to the podcast from this page if accessing from your computer. However, you can also download ‘Soundcloud’ on your smart phone, to listen to this on the go. Just search for ‘Quezz Lifestyle’.


You can also follow me on Snapchat to hear me talk about different topics.

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  1. Loved Loved Loved it! You have an amazing voice! Totally enjoyed the content and listening to you! That sitar in the background is a great idea. Was very soothing! So I would recommend keep it 🙂
    The content was very informative and nicely presented. Totally going to follow these tips.
    I would love it if you talk more about skin and hair care because you give awesome tips!
    Looking forward to the next one! Keep up the great work!

    1. Author

      Thank you for the appreciation Urdu Mom! Do let me know how the experiments go ;). Will plan and make new ones.

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