Now more than ever, more and more women are entering the workforce, and dedicating themselves to create a new form of business. This hardly existed even 10 years ago. Yes, I am talking about the rise of Mom Influencers.

Many women are baffled by the concept of being a Mom, let alone, focus on being an influencer also. Yet, that is a field, which a Mom can work as much or as less as she wants, while staying home, and being there for their own family. Also, if you follow some key Instagram Influencers, you will find that most are going through their own everyday life, and sharing it with the world.

Now, more than before, people are more interested in the reality of life. Thus, the rise of Reality Shows. Same way, people are looking for Influencers who are real, sharing their not-so-glamourous life along with their Influencer profile. This is what makes the Influencer seem more human and comparable to one. On this note, more Mom Influencers get attention, as the female population associates with their struggles, and forms a relationship on those empathic feelings.

People are always looking for the new, and are fasciated with Influencers who share their family background, and real life. This would include a range of challenges and opportunities that an Influencer faces, yet shares with the world. The result is, that a bond is formed between the influencers and the followers. A fine example is of Chantelle Fawn, who comes from a farming background, and how she elevated her Influencer status, by sticking to her roots, and finding success. You can read more about her journey here.

Of all the various channels that Mom Influencers are using nowadays, indeed the most popular and easiest to start on is Instagram. This platform has become more popular over the years, evolving from simply being an image sharing app, to a strong marketing tool for many companies.

While it is simple and easy to start on Instagram, the challenge of becoming a successful Instagramer is no easy feat. The competition of posting regularly, with content that speaks to the audience, while ensuring appealing images, puts many Mom Influencers in stress mode. Let me tell you, you need to find your own pace. If you stay passionate about your profile, and share original content, followers will come.

Many would say, of but I need to have at least 10K followers, before any brand will approach them. Not true. Many Mom influencers have found success based on how they post original content, and stay in constant contact with their followers. When companies look for Influencers to work with, they are not looking only at your number of followers, but other aspect of your profile as well. To get a better understanding on how companies approach you, read this article on how companies are utilizing Instagram Influencer Marketing.

As you will read the article I have shared, you will realize that companies know that consumers are following their favorite personality or brand on Instagram. This makes it even more vital for companies to grab this consumer base, and direct them to their own brand sales. And the best way to do that is to recruit influencers to do just that.

Overall, Mom Influencers have found success, and are able to lead the life they want, while also ensuring their professional growth.

What do you think about this new field of work? We never heard of anyone going to college to study and become an Influencer. Yet, it is the next big thing now. And also, oh so suitable for Moms with busy schedules.

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