All desi people have one thing in common… ‘URDU’!

Be it the easy flow of this language of love; yeah I would say after French and Persian, this would be the next love language. Or the fact that the biggest film industry in the world; ‘Bollywood’, adopting this language for majority of its movies.

Whatever the cause may be, Urdu is a perfect mixed masala language, which all South-East Asian roots recognize and enjoy.

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That brings me to the joy of introducing you to an Avid ‘Urdu-loving’ Canadian Mom, who is on a mission to make everything super fun on her many literary adventures of this amazing language!

The brains behind the blog UrdumomΒ , is the wonderful Tamania, and of course her side-kick (lil daughter) Zainab.


So let me break it down, simply, as to WHY you need to follow this Blogger MomΒ ASAP!

  1. Urdu mom show cases several tricks, activities and books, which can aid a fellow mom, who is interested in teaching her kids how to learn the beautiful language of Urdu. Don’t let this stop the dads though! Her tips are perfect for all parents!
  2. Urdu mom hosts a story time regularly on every weekend, ranging in topics of counting, alphabets, careers and everything else life relevant to a growing child. You can find it here on her Facebook page.
  3. Urdu mom sharesΒ the wonderful flavor of desi food, which is the perfect complement to the love of learning Urdu for your kids.
  4. Her blog balances the ancestral connection back home , while creating roots for her family in theirΒ Canadian home. Her posts touch on various parenting topics relevant to a Canadian family.
  5. Last but not the least, you just can’t get enough of the love of Urdu that both Mom and daughter display and instill in you!

So why not hop over to her blog, and leave a comment that Quezz Lifestyle sent you πŸ˜‰ Oh and I almost forgot! In all this gushing, do read my guest post on titled; Β Let’s rock those 30’s Billo!

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