So after writing a post on 4 Reasons Why We Opted for TLC School System in Calgary , I received so many more messages asking specific questions. Since these are varied questions on Traditional Learning Centre School System, I decided to write this post.

Things To Know About TLC School System in Calgary;
Things To Know About TLC School System in Calgary;

I will keep updating this post, as I receive more queries.

Q1. Can My Child Get Into TLC School If He/She Is In A Higher Grade?

The simple answer is YES.

We moved to Calgary in Fall 2013 and my 1st born went to a community school for the 1st year. However, I wanted to explore other options and read up on the various school charters. I applied to the assigned TLC school, and prayed that she got it. Why? Well because everyone told me that she would not as she was supposed to start grade 4 in Fall 2014.

Surprisingly, she did get in!

And now that she has completed the program, I have seen multiple examples of students joining in. People are always moving, and so there is always a posibility of an opening.

So ‘Yes’ you can apply and probably get admission for your child.

Q2. Is TLC School Until High School?

It used to be. However, a few years back TLC was restricted to until grade 9. So you have the option to have TLC school for grade KG to grade 9 only.

Q3. Is TLC School Expensive?

TLC is not a public school. Rather it’s a charter school. That means that it is a choice for parents to send their child to the TLC school system. That entails some expenses in form of supplies and extra curricular activities. Also, the uniform is an additional expense. I will talk about each of them individually.

TLC fees

The TLC school fees are advised at the start of the school year. They do not exceed a hundred for the whole year; while will include music fees, incidentals, any extra curricular fee. This can be paid in parts from September to June, by following the Academic year.

Uniform Fees

You can easily buy the Uniform from the assigned Uniform shop. This would cost you about $250-$300 for the Crested Cardigan, Vest, Tie and Crested Polo shirt. Also, you can check Facebook marketplace and Kijiji for gently used cardigans and other specific pieces. For non-crested polo shirts and pants/skorts, you can check Old Navy and Gap.

I highly recommend getting the blue crested polo shirt for young kids, after my own kids came home with ink and paint on white shirts. The darker color lasts longer.

Our Junior TLC school used to host uniform sales. Call their office after admission, to inquire for your assigned school.

What Other Fees Are There?

Additional expense are the 1. β€˜Noon Supervision’ fee and 2. β€˜Bussing Fee’. Again, depending on your situation, you may choose to not pay these elective fees. However, if β€˜Noon Supervision’ is not paid, the child must be collected at Lunch time.

It should be noted that Bussed students MUST pay for Lunch supervision, as they are assumed to stay all day in school.

The Noon Supervision is collected for students from grade KG to 6 only. Higher grade students don’t require supervision.

Detailed information on Supervision fees and amount is available by CBE here.

If due to financial hardship one is not able to pay the fees, all schools encourage the parent to contact the school principal. There is support available.

At the time of writing this post, the bussing fee is CAD 800.00 per Academic year. You can pay all-together in one go or pay in the 10 months of the Academic year. Per month is CAD 80.00 per month per child. No discount is offered for multiple children attending TLC school.

Q4. What Is Our Assigned TLC?

Just like the public school in TLC is based on your home address, the TLC school is also determined the same way.

Best mode of checking which TLC is assigned for your address, proceed to the following site and check.

Find A School.

Q5. What If I Want To Apply To A TLC Not Assigned To Our Address?

Technically you can still apply for admission to a TLC school, even if it is not your assigned school. However, at the time of admission, first preference will always be given to a student applying from the assigned zone.

Only when there is no one on the waiting list from the assigned zone, is the place offered to a student from outside the zone.

Is it rare to get in? No. With multiple charter schools in Calgary, and the dynamic movement of population, there is a chance that current or prospectives students may leave for another school and the opening is offered to a non-assigned zone student.

Q6. Is TLC Just Hype?

Well, as someone with 3 children in the TLC schooling for the last 7 years, I would say; ‘not at all’. Rather, I have seen my girls present plays in French, perform Concerts in Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and much more. TLC Schools offer French from Grade 1-9 and Music from KG-9.

Also, there is focus on home work and weekly evaluations, which helps students be better prepared for High School and expected study load.

If you would like to read more, you can read my post on 4 Reasons Why We Opted for TLC School System in Calgary.

Q7. Can My Child Leave TLC?

Absolutely! Your assigned public school will always accept your child back. Also, if you want to change to another private or charter school, it is simply a process of transferring.

Q8. Is TLC Only Asian Community?

This is such an interesting question for me. I have been asked about this many times. As a matter of fact, TLC has a healthy mix of students from various ethnic groups and is not just Asian community.

However, if you are asking for reassurance that your child’s class will have or not have any Asian child, than I do not have an answer on that. What I do have to say is that Canada is the land of immigrants and our children are learning that Canada sees no skin color.

Q9. Is TLC A Private School?

No. TLC is a Charter school under the Calgary Board of Education. Detailed information is available on this link.

That’s all for now people. Let me know below or message me, if you have more questions. I will update this post accordingly.

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  1. I am a new immigrant to Calgary and want to apply for a TLC school for my children. I know I need to apply online. But can you advise if there is a way to follow up with them on the application.

    1. Author

      Hi! best to use the CBE website to see your assigned TLC school and call them directly. The schools are really good in helping you.

    1. Author

      Thank you:) Please do reshare if you found it helpful

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