With everyone of us having a smartphone in our hand, this post is on the top 3 apps to save money on groceries in Canada.

Save money on groceries, not because you are frugal, but rather it is an investment in saving our planet, and consciously redirecting our funds. Some reasons why you should be using my tips:

  1. Save the environment by not having to throw unused food.
  2. Save on eating out, by cooking at home. Plus you make memories and improve your cooking skills.
  3. Score the best prices, without having to do price match.

Lets start with my most favorite app:


Disclaimer: I have shared my link, which allows me to earn a small return when you create an account on Checkout 51 and use the app directly from my blog post.

The Checkout 51 app is convenient in getting cash-back, without the need to have discount coupons when actually shopping. I use it for trying new products, as well as, for getting discounts on my usuals.

It is simple to use. The offers are renewed every Thursday. Just make sure that you shop an offer, and claim the offer before Thursday. I tend to scroll through the offers, and click and add my offers to my list. Once I have completed my groceries, I simply upload my receipt into the app. The team of Checkout51 reviews your claim, and sends an email on your cash back amount. Once you have reached CAD $20.00, you can cash out.

You can cash out from your profile anytime after reaching CAD 20.00. Soon you receive your Cheque in mail, and is easily deposited in your bank account. I was so happy to splurge on sofa cushions from the cheque I got!


Anyone who lives in Canada has visited this brand. If not every week, then maybe once in a month. The range of stores that fall under this brand are Shoppers Drug Mart, the Canadian Super Store, and Loblows: to name a few. It is always beneficial to have the free PC Optimum membership. Just follow this link to create your account.

This membership is NOT the credit card which the brand also offers. I only have the free membership, but rake up enough points through my visits to Shopper Drug Mart, Super Store and Joe Fresh, that it is worth having this membership.

Best of all, you can link all the other people in your family, to create a Household account.

Tip: Use the special days offered by Shoppers Drug Mart for multiplying points. Best thing, for the points your earn, you can see the dollar value available to you for spending. I especially like how I can splurge on seasonal clothes from Joe Fresh for the whole family.


Disclaimer: I have shared my link, which allows me to earn a small return when you create an account on Rakuten and use the app directly from my blog post.

I saved the best for last! I absolutely love Rakuten!

While you can use this website for saving on anything, from clothes to shoes, to bedsheets to stationary, it is amazing for earning cash back for even many grocery items. I tend to use it extensively for shopping on Amazon. Not only you shop the best deals online, the website shows you amazing discount coupons. This way you do not need to google or ask friends for a discount coupon.

Use either the app or the desktop version of Rakuten, and view the available coupons for a website. I was super excited when I used this website to purchase 3 pairs of shoes from Naturalizers in $100 ! This was only possible due to getting cashback and using discount coupons, as available on Rakuten.

However, going back to groceries, you can save on non-perishables by using this app and website. Here is an idea on the categories of products that you can review on Rakuten.

The Cash back comes in your account automatically, once you jump to a website from the Rakuten website. Happy Shopping!

Let me know if you use any of the above suggestions.

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