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Self care drink! Oh I see I have your attention!

Turmeric has been known to have miraculous healing powers.

Turmeric, or as we call it in urdu; ‘Haldi’, has been used as a healing balm for cuts and burns for centuries, in the Sub-Continent.  Additionally, it acts as an excellent natural bleach, for improving complexion and to remove acne scars.

Turmeric has miraculous internal healing powers, as it has the ability to heal and disinfect. My mother would make this magical Turmeric Milk drink for me when I had my first child. Of course I was not always receptive of this potion. However, after drinking it a few times, I noticed I slept well, and had less aches in my body. Today, for any body pain, chest infections, cough and nasal infections,  my go-to drink is ‘Turmeric Milk’.

I have now gotten my whole family on the ‘Turmeric-drink’ train. Kids enjoy getting a mug of warm yellow milk with nuts floating on top! The result is that we have avoided taking antibiotics for chest infections, as well as, everyone sleeps a bit better 😉

So let us begin making ‘Haldi wala Doodh‘ , or as we will call it as;  ‘Turmeric milk’. Here is the Turmeric Milk Recipe that I follow: 

Ingredients & Procedure

1 cup milk

1/2 tsp turmeric powder (If you have fresh turmeric, even better! Use 1/2 tsp of the paste made out of mashing it)

Crushed almonds (as much as desired)

Crushed Pistachio (as much as desired)

Crushed raisins (as much as desired)

Honey (as much as desired) .

Simmer all the above together for a few minutes. Pour it in your favorite mugs. It is then ready to gulp down for healthy internal healing 🙂

Remember to make it fresh. You will soon actually enjoy the healing aroma of Turmeric also as a healing act in itself.

I am eyeing this amazing mug for this yummy drink.



  1. I agree it really has healing properties, n just turmeric milk can b taken wth honey for the inflammation of tonsils also. I ve personally used it during severe tonsillitis.

  2. thanxx for sharing 🙂

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