Volunteering is one of the best ways for anyone of any age to gain experience and to contribute to the well-being of the society that you live in. While there are unlimited volunteer opportunities in Canada, one particular question I am asked is about volunteer opportunities for youth.

Today I am going to share some of the more popular opportunities that Youth have for volunteering. Towards the end, I will share how to look for these opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities For Youth In Canada

1. Online Tutor

Tutoring is an excellent skill to develop, as it can help the youth to develop the skill of communication and public speaking. It can help the youth to learn the ropes of being a future trainer or instructor. This form of volunteering also allows the youth to learn how to adapt the content to the audience. An excellent skill to have.

2. Fundraiser

Working as a fundraiser allows youth to understand the fine details of how to raise funds by forming relationship and building authority. As more companies move towards Corporate Social Responsibility, having an experience in volunteering allows one to be a positive candidate for a big company in the future.

3. Pen-pal

With COVID and the current social distancing, more and more people are feeling the impact and feeling lonely. There are many organizations who connect youth with seniors and others who can benefit from being a pen-pal. This is actually an excellent opportunity to build empathy; a skill that most employers want in their candidates. Keep reading to know how to get started.

4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant wears a lot of hats; from transcribing to scheduling and much more. Being a VA is actually a lucrative opportunity, as learning this skill will allow the youth to land many paid gigs later on. This form of work is usually part-time and can be continued along with college studies.

5. Writer

People are always reading. The text can be an article, a post, a blog, magazine or even more, people read all the time. The skill has no limit. Writing voluntarily is indeed an opportunity which improves with practice and time. Working on writing will help youth not only professionally, but also teach them how to write for different audience and different formats.

6. Editor

With writing content on the high, more people and publishers seek editors. Editing as a volunteer opportunity is like fine-combing the writing of someone else. Many companies want their official publications edited to ensure that the language and brand-tone continues throughout. Volunteering in this position is an excellent way to improve one’s focus on qualitative writing.

Where To Look For Opportunities?

For youth, an excellent point to start is always their own school. Talk to the front office and ask if any are available.

Next check within your community at the old home, library or even the retail establishments if anyone is looking for volunteers.

Now with COVID, online opportunities are more appealing. One of the best websites to check is Volunteer Connector here in Canada. You can search by your postal code and look for opportunities that appeal to your youth.

Let me know if this post was helpful and were you able to find something appealing to volunteer for?

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