Let’s talk foils…

The most common question I get is what is my hair color at the moment? To be honest, I don’t know. What I do know is the shade numbers, which I will share with you today.

My hair color at 40

So lets first talk about WHY I did foils?

I read somewhere that as you age, lightening your hair color helps soften your look. I agree with that. Especially when I see older people still coloring their hair jet-black and it seems too harsh for their complexion and age.

Additionally, other than just lightening my hair, I highlight because I like the look and it helps blend in my gray hair. Of course, each to their own! All hair is beautiful.

Let me first tell you about my real hair color..

My actual hair in my 30s

My hair is dark brown with red undertones. Of course, I instead always wanted ashy blond hair so was always trying to control the red tones.

About my foils..

I have foils done mainly on my front part of hair. Very few foils go in the back. Every time that I go back for foiling, I simply get more added to the front.

As I maintain shoulder length hair, I don’t really need to get a lot of foils done in the back of the head.

I only get foils done once a year! Rest of the time I simply retouch my roots at home and carry a balayage look.

What is the color for my hair?

So what exactly is my hair color? Well, my lovely hairdresser told me to mix 1 part 6A: Dark Ash Blond and 1/2 part 6NN: Intense Dark Blonde from Wella Hair Color to retouch my roots. Maybe take that as starting point and tell your hair dresser the same. I have also linked them if you want to take your own color.

For the rest of the hair, I simply have foils done, which have been toned with a blue toner to blend in with my hair. This is the toner I swear by and absolutely love.

Will be talking about how to maintain the Ash blonde soon.

Overall I have ash-blond hair in a time that goes well with my yellow undertone desi color.

Let me know if you have other hair color questions.

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