I must admit, I was so confused on which Instant Pot I should buy. When I would ask my gal pals, they each would make a different recommendation, which left me baffled more than before. After finally buying one, I have realized that the Instant Pot you need to buy is based on one key question:

What do you plan to cook in it?

When I purchased my IP, I knew that I want one which has the ‘Rice’ cook feature. This seems to be added in the newer models. You can of course cook rice in another model, but having this feature takes the guess work out.

Also, we liked the option of ‘Sous Vide‘ in our Instant Pot. If you follow me on Instagram (you don’t?), you would have seen how I made medium-rare lamb chops in my Instant Pot, which were just like a chef would make them! (well, at least close to them)

Lamb Chops cooked in Sous Vide function of Instant Pot
Lamb Chops cooked in Sous Vide function of Instant Pot

If you are looking for a basic Instant Pot, and don’t want all these extra features, pick any that you find on a good deal! Yes, really! At the end of the day they all are pressure cookers. All of the Instant Pots will:

  • Cook the food on pressure setting.
  • Shut off after the programed cooking time.
  • Make literally no noise.

However, if you want to do multiple things with it, without putting too much thought into it, read on.

We opted for the Instant Pot Duo 9-in-1 with 15 Smart built-in functions. We opted for it specifically , as it allowed us to:

  • Cook rice without making calculated guesses.
  • Make porridge on the ‘Oatmeal’ setting in the shortest time.
  • Sous Vide steaks and chops.

Also, an added bonus for a ‘Duo’ was the option to purchase the additional ‘Crisper’ lid, which converts the Instant Pot into an ‘Air Fryer’. I get two appliances in one. 

I have used my IP for multiple items, going as far to cook one-pot pasta in it. You can check out my 30 minutes IP pasta here

If you had asked me a year ago, if I will buy an IP? I would firmly say;’no’! Now, I don’t use my stove and cook almost 95% of times in my IP. This is truly a time-saver and I would say something everyone needs to have. 

Let me know if you have an IP? Or do you plan to get one?

Disclaimer: If you purchase my recommendation by following the links in this post, I earn a tiny commission, at no charge to you. 

Featured Image courtesy of Instantpot.com

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