Let ME tell you your New Year resolutions!

A New Year… a new You!

Or at least that is what is sold on the Media, with the promise of the new year rolling in with a magical spell to erase what you were for the past 365 days, and create this clean slate for new beginnings!

While I am all for a new Year reset, after all that means the oncoming of both new occasions, and anniversaries /birthdays to celebrate previous milestones, I am a bit apprehensive about the idea that as the clock strikes 12pm on the 31st of 2016 December, we will change like Cinderella. Unlike the fairytale, we assume that instead of changing back to who we originally are, we dream and hope to turn into a Super Hero with a glorious mansion and immense wealth. Oh wait! That is what I dreamed of ! πŸ˜‰

All nonsense aside, lets do things differently this year. Since where I am sitting on this planet, it is still the evening of 1st of January 2017, I can safely count my post to not be super late, and give you readers at a chance of success at beating this ‘New Year Resolution’ trick!

So let us Begin!

Resolution #1

Unfollow all the annoyingly self-entitled people on your Facebook Friends list!

Oh yes! I can tell when someone on my list is simply sharing, or technically becoming a hardcore Facebook reality star. Oh yeah! The one who checks in everyday. The one who posts countless selfies. The one who does the same boring stuff again and again and MUST share with us all. This simply takes time and space of my news-feed, while I could be following my intellectual friend who is studying at oxford and checking in all the historically beautiful libraries and sharing pictures! That is really more of my liking!

SoΒ dostoon (friends), bite the bullet and click the unfollow button! You can thank me on 1st Jan 2018 ;).

Oh and it will stop that annoying feeling of you being any lesser than anyone.

Resolution #2


Oh don’t pack your bags and run away. I assure you that no Amir Khan will come to seek you like he did for Puja Bhatt inΒ ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin’.Β 

What I mean to suggest is that get out and explore your surroundings, no matter where you live! Go and check out small shops. Stop in the library. Check out any possible public exhibit or show that you can get to around you.

If you are more dedicated, then invest in a Gym Membership, or even start a Course Certification. Learn or practice any thing which gets you out of the house.

Coming to Canada, and living in a city which is known for Volunteering, I must strongly suggest to one and all to go out and volunteer in any place and occasion possible. You will be amazed what you will learn and how many wonderful people you will connect with!

Again, start small. Set a target for a month, and stick to it based on my above suggestions. Look back at that list and let me know how you fared πŸ™‚

Oh and can’t leave you hanging.. here is a link to a tune from ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin‘. By the way, is it just me, or did I somehow did not find the flower costume gals weird when I was younger?

Resolution #3

Invest in your Nutrients!

I know that all health and beauty blogs emphasize the importance of eating right. While I too am a student of Nutrition, I have sadly accepted that we are living in a world with highly processed food with little to no nutrient value. While eating right is the best habit to build in this new year, it takes time.

So my suggestion to you is to actually research and find out the nutrients you need and get the required Vitamins and Minerals in the right dose.

One of the key comment I hear from men and women alike is the ‘lack’ of passion to do anything. So my key tip is to start Vitamin D! It does not have any harm, and within a few months you will see and feel a key difference.

Talk to your doctor and a nutritionist to get more info on this! This resolution will keep you passionate about the resolution#2!

Resolution #4

Plan a vacation.

Oh yes! We all dream of a European trip with scenic hills and no stress. But life happens. That said; family, money, and time commitments make us miss the opportunities of exploring this beautiful world.

Why not make use of the ‘Free Cancellation’ policies offered nowadays and plan a vacation for the year. You can always cancel with no money loss. Yet, with a timely booking, you may actually get a dream vacation for half the price of a last minute get-away plan.

The vacation does not have to be to a foreign land. You can also make memories within the same country just by visiting a new location.

Taking a vacation is the best way to Re-set and refresh.

Resolution #5

Invest in finding a good friend.

As we age, one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is a friend/s who get us, and can be a support, rather than being a burden.

Sadly we move as we mature, and loose our childhood friends. The friends who were part of ourΒ Pakram PakraeΒ (Tag game), and listening to our silliest secrets, move away and we are left with a gap for a friend who can be a buddy and support.

If you find someone who you click with, invest in that relationship. Investment does not mean buying expensive gifts. Simple acts of just listening, and hanging out together can make the bond grow stronger.

Someone who can correct you, and yet, appreciate you for who you are, is a keeper!

I don’t promise you will find someone today, but at least you can keep a lookout.

Few understand, but social bonding and going-out is a key part in refreshing who you are. So schedule monthly night-outs, and explore something new. You will learn and enjoy so much more of 2017, than last year!

SoΒ janab, my list has come to an end, and does not include suggestions which are completely cliff-hanger style. Give them a try, and leave me a comment below how you plan to use them πŸ™‚

Happy New Year!



  1. Enjoyed reading your take on new year resolution. Keep it up.

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