I cannot take credit for having found this amazing website called Mathletics . It was while my child was in Jeddah Prep andΒ Grammar school in Saudi Arabia, that her 1st grade teacher sent me a note, with the link, username and password. Initially my ‘anti-computer agenda for kids’ personality kicked in, and I brushed this note off. Yet, curiosity getting the better of me, made me make a visit.
The homepage of Mathletics is a no-nonsense yet dynamic display of what is happening. Immediately I was drawn to the bottom half of the page, where a live update of scores and ranking is displayed. The ranking was interesting, as it individually ranked students, as well as , unified the players according to school as well.




The profile page shows many options, with ‘Activities’ opening in the center of the page. These are age/grade appropriate. On the right side are icons for various activities. The favorite option for us was the ‘Live Mathletics’ which allows your child to compete in a timed live maths test, against children from around the world. Β The ‘Concept Search’ was also interesting for us, as the child can go and look up terms and solution techniques for both new and old concepts in Maths for him.


The left column, which indicated the daily score, called ‘My Daily Points’ is a special motivator, as the points allow the child to win awards. These awards are in the form of certificates, which parents can easily print it out.

Recently, I have purchased an annual membership for Mathletics, which allows a parent to set tasks for the child, plus to track progress alongside. You will even receive weekly reports from the website, on the progress of the child. Β The annual membership is for around 99$, but when you signup for the free trial, you receive an offer in your email to get a 10% discount .Β I was lucky to find an offer online on the Mathletics TwitterΒ profile, which allowed me to purchase the annual subscription for 69.30 $. That is like hardly 6$/month.

The real fun begins in the World Education Games, which allow your child to compete globally, and win medals and certificates. Sadly they are taking a break this year (2014) and will return in 2015. However, its a great way to prep from now.

My verdict: Mathletics isΒ Β fun, and interesting, while offeringΒ a challenging, yet fun platform for kids to learn and compete globally. Let me know if you give it a try. I know at my place my child waits for the time to sit and do maths! I wish that this was there when I was a kid πŸ˜‰ .


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